Hero Sports teaches kindergarten children the skills, technique, and the fundamentals of each sport. Balance, throwing, kicking, coordination, running, down to the precise motion and technique. Incorporating reflective learning of colours, shapes, numbers and letters through exciting games and guided exercises with our Hero Coaches. 

E L C  &  K I N D E R G A R T E N

S P O R T S   P R O G R A M

Hero Sports compliments your Early Learning Centre and 
Kindergarten Curriculum 

S P O R T S   E D U C A T I O N 

Hero Sports understands learning is not just counting or reading, but children being actively involved, resourcing their own learning. We believe sport has a natural place in education, sport is a key component of a quality education and can be used to promote schooling among young people. Outside the classroom, sport is a ‘school for life’, teaching basic values and life skills.

A F F O R D A B L E 

Hero Sports operates on an affordable and simple concept. We believe all children must have access to a sports program and as a result, Hero Sports offers a low affordable price to operate a sports program at your centre. Get in contact with us to discuss flexible fee to get started. "Bring out the heroes in your children"

L E A R N I N G   R E F L E C T I O N S

Hero Sports knows and loves Early Childhood Education and we acknowledge the importance to document and measure each child's learning and development. Hero Sports completes learning observations and reflections on each session provided to children to support the service's curriculum and requirements to document children's learning and development.

E N V I R O N M E N T  /  F A C L I T I E S 

Hero Sports utilizes the ELC & Kindergarten Services facilities to operate the sports program, no matter what area you have our Hero Coaches have the flexibility and creativity to operate a meaning sports program Monday - Friday for all children. Coaches meet with Educators and Directors to finalize the schedule and class details.

"Naturally Inherited Skills, Learning, Health, & Abilities Through Hero Sports"

Brain Development


  • Develop fast-paced thinking

  • Problem-solving

  • Increased spatial awareness

  • Focused concentration

  • Develop tactical thinking

  • Develops goal setting

  • Follow instructions

  • Developmental strength

  • Critical thinking

  • Builds perseverance

Body Movement 

  • Improves flexibility

  • Improves speed

  • Improves agility

  • Improves body balance

  • Improves stamina

  • Improves anaerobic fitness

  • Improve coordination

  • Improves motor Skills

  • Improves posture

  • Builds sharper reflexes

Hero Sports | Health Benefits

 Health Benefits


  • Stronger muscles

  • Stronger bones

  • Helps improve sleep cycle

  • Improves mental health

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Decreased risk of diabetes

  • Improves immune system

  • Improves circulatory system

  • Improved cardiovascular system

  • Improves metabolism 

Social & Emotional 


  • Builds confidence

  • Performance satisfaction

  • Turn-taking & sharing

  • Teamwork

  • Sportsmanship

  • Leadership skills

  • Builds self-esteem

  • Work ethic

  • Develops time management

  • Communication skills

C O N T A C T   U S 

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The ELC/ Kindergarten Multiple Sports Program operates over 10 Weeks incorporating Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, European Handball, Hockey, Basketball,  Baseball, Football, 

20 - 30 Minute Sessions utilizing the centre's environment and facilities. Coaches use relevant and rich teaching methods to help children participate in the set activities/sports

Efficient price to operate the Hero Sport Program at the ELC/Childcare Service, Contact us today to establish a pricing structure and session plan today.

"It starts with the right support and encouragement. Every child has control over their success, It’s not about an end result, but the particular effort.”


Childcare administration doesn’t have to be hard.

All you need to manage your Child Care Service. 


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