H E R O    C O A C H E S  

Head Hero
Brian Hammett
"Each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. I believe sports can teach a child about themselves, the world we live in and over time it can reveal to themselves they are capable individuals with the power to accomplish their dreams and overcome challenges"

Hero Manager
Timothy Ciardullo

Sport has been a big part of my life, since the age of four I always had a ball in my hand and a hockey stick. I’ve got a huge passion for sport and would love to get kids involved in sport just like I was at their age. I believe these programs get kids out of their shells through communicating with other children  and learning how to play and work in a team.

I love passing down my knowledge to others with what I’ve learnt through my years of high level sport and love knowing the fact any kid we teach could be the next star all thanks to these programs, they found their talent.

Hero Coach 
Annabelle West
"Sport has always been a big part of my life and I really benefitted from participating at a young age, sampling several different sports throughout my time at school, including netball, basketball, cricket, swimming, hockey, skiing, sailing, and tennis.
As a current university student, my love of sport is still going strong! I really credit my amazing coaches throughout my life with the confidence and enjoyment that comes from playing sport and aim to help the children participating in the Hero Sport programme to have the same experience"


Join the Hero Squad and embark on the mission to teach children sports and show them the power within themselves. 


At Hero Sports, we treat and pay our coaches like Heroes. You are the worlds most important mentor when teaching sports to children as it offers possibilities of dialogue, camaraderie, exchange of ideas, and mutual respect among one another. All sporting activities have the potential to provide children with a foundation to develop life skills which can be applied beyond the sporting arena.


Hero Sport has a range of positions available (Managers, Head Coaches, Assitant Coaches, and Traineeships) which are flexible and incorporates coaches social life, current training and education being studied and career opportunities outside of Hero Sports. 


Unlimited opportunities present themselves when joining the Hero Coach Squad. We develop a roadmap based on your interests and initially where you intend to be even if that is within or outside of Hero Sports.   
"No experience is required, everyone starts somewhere and we love hearing from people who love sports and education" 
Join The Hero Squad

T H E   H E R O   S Q U A D

Each with a unique set of skills, abilities, and powers.